Tamagotchi Genjintch Genjintchi Caveman Brown Virtual Pet Bandai


The Genjintchi Tamagotchi is a limited edition model of the vintage Tamagotchis. It was sold in theatres alongside the showing of the movie “Peking Man”.

This Tamagotchi has a Caveman theme, featuring unique characters like a Caveman and CaveWoman, great apes, ancient relics, skeletons, mammoths, and more! The Genjintchi Tamagotchi has some unique features such as the Evolution Meter (discipline/praise) as well as the De-Evolution.

The basic idea is that you are raising life starting from DNA. You evolve your life form by praising it when it calls for attention, and that increases the likelihood that it transforms into a more “evolved” character. If you severely neglect your Genjintchi, it has a chance of De-Evolving into the previous stage while remaining the same age, almost like a reset. For example, if you care for your teenager poorly, it will De-Evolve into a child again while remaining the same age, and you have to wait an additional 72 hours for it to grow back into the teenager.

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