Tamagotchi Bandai Original Chibi Mini Blue w/ pink


The Mini Tamagotchi is 80% smaller than the previous versions. Its screen is also smaller than the original (16px * 16px against 32px * 16px ). In addition to its size the specificity of this Tamagotchi is that no icons are displayed on the screen (because of the lack of space). These are replaced bye the buttons « A » and « C » which act as context-sensitive buttons .
Chibi Tamagotchi have 4 stages during their life : egg (for 1 minute),child (1 day), Adult (1 week) and special adult if certain conditions are met(1 week) .

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Additional information

Couleur / Color

Blue, Red

État / Condition

Used in good condition

Langue / Language


Marque / Brand


Tamagotchi tested and shipped with new batteries